You may or may not have noticed, but girls love to shop. So much so that my girlfriend has nagged me for so long about bringing womenswear onto boardinary, even though I don't have a first clue about what's trendy for girls nowadays. Its not to say that we never wanted to have a women's business, without the expertise of someone who knows what girls will and will not buy, it seemed like it might have been a while before we dipped our toes into the category. However, a couple of seasons have gone by now where we are missing out on bringing in some pretty rad product from the likes of Poler stuff and Stance. With a little help from the other half, picking out whats cool and on trend for the summer, we are so excited to announce that we officially have a women's range available for Spring 16! So without further ado, go check out the range we have today! We'd love your feedback to make sure what we have on our store is right, so if you could click a couple of the answers below to help us out that would be rad! And we can constantly improve to give you girls the product and service you want!
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