#GETOUTTHERE - Get your adventures going

Take photos, its something most of us do every single day, whether it be your children, dog, what your eating for breakfast or even your daily commute. The beauty of modern technology allows us to document every single moment we live, and then store these memories for many years to come. Most of us prefer to showcase our lives through social media, and instagram has given us a perfect platform to visually express how we choose to take our own adventures day by day. Im not teaching anybody to suck eggs, but hashtagging is probably something id expect your grandma to know nowadays, and here at boardinary we're starting to endorse #GETOUTTHERE. #getouthere Our vision is to support an healthy outdoor lifestyle, through any type of activity, whether it be climbing, hiking, camping, street lifestyle or boardsports, we'd like to think we can provide goods to help you along the way. Everybody lives a different adventure every day, so when your doing your next instagram, make sure you #getoutthere. Its the one hashtag we look at pretty much every day, and if we are blown away by one of your photos, we may just send you a free give. We've already sent a free Mizu bottle to one lucky person already!

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