Just Plain Kruising - Mathias Nordby

Just Plain Kruising - Mathias Nordby from Jupiter People on Vimeo. This is part 8 of 10 from Jupiter People's Movie "Just Plain Kruising" featuring Mathias Nordby. In an attempt to keep things fresh in the Jupiter People laboratory I ReEdited this part in the last few days because the homie Denis used the same song Mathias wanted to use in his recent Windells edit. This winter Mathias came out from Norway and stayed with us for a few months of Kruising Bear Mountain and showed us how they keep it G in Norway. Its always rad when Mathias can come out and shred. Video by: Kyle Schafer JUPITER PEOPLE https://www.facebook.com/PupiterJeople http://instagram.com/jupiterpeople/ jupiterpeoplekult@gmail.com Song: Trilla - A$AP Rocky

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