Manchester Snow...

Its not every year the UK gets a decent amount of snow, unless your lucky enough to live up in the Cairngorms, and most of the time it looks like somebodies sprinkled icing sugar on the pavements. Over the past few weeks we've been blessed with some intermittent snowfalls, the country goes on lockdown, and for the select few of us its time to dig out boots and board. Although, a couple of weeks back I heard about what can only be described as a resort open in Yorkshire! And today more snow came down in Manchester than it did in St Anton. Whats a massive shame for us in the Northwest though, is that there hasn't really been any chance to ride. So I dug into the archives and found a bunch of photos from when a little crew of us sought out some spots in Bolton dating back to 2013. Col Mytton, Jamie Keeble and Matt Rodders did the honours riding whilst myself and Andy Sutherland pussyed out and offered to film. I won't bother and try and describe the day itself, to be fair I can't really remember much that happened it was that long ago! But what I do know is that we had a good time with friends, embraced the little snow we so infrequently get and Keeble got the shot of the day! I suppose now we're just left wondering when we'll have the chance to hit up some UK street again...

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