A note to our customers...

Whilst it may seem that we are currently on the back foot, with all stock on sale and the lack of engagement recently, I felt obliged to write a blog post to our regular customers who have supported Boardinary since day one.

I've had a few messages recently asking are you selling up? Why does all stock have to go? What has happened to Boardinary? And whilst these messages are the result of our perception on the website at the moment, I can assure you that we are just turning a corner.

There's a lot of work going on behind the scenes at the moment to completely rebrand Boardinary, with a new purpose, and thats to focus on what means the most to us, snowboarding. Over the years of stocking a lot of big name brands we've found it increasingly difficult to compete with bigger online retailers that can offer better discounts and a wider stock offering, so as an independent retailer we feel that making this change will benefit the business long term. 

In the near future we are looking to deliver a new website, new stock, more content on the blog along with a host of other features as well. I for one am really excited about it and I hope you guys will be too.

Keep your eyes peeled on social media, theres more to come!

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