Radical Gains: The GB Park and Pipe Story


Pick up a copy of this book and it will change your whole perspective on a country, and sport, that nobody would have married up somewhat 10 years ago. Most punters probably wouldn't have even set foot on a pair of skis or a board in the UK until the present crop of snowdomes appeared. What's fascinating though, is that the UK's history in snowsports doesn't really span back too far (about 30 years), and even then it was only a minority who chose to hit Dendix in places like Rossendale and Halifax.

Fast forward to today, British Skiing and Snowboarding is absolutely on the map! Depicted perfectly in this book by the likes of Mike Weyerhaeuser, Matt Georges, Tommy Pyatt, Nick Atkins, Dan Milner, Natalie Mayer, James McPhail, James North, Sam Mellish and more. 

Radical Gains tells the fascinating journey of GB Park and Pipe, from the early days of British ski and snowboarding right through to the celebratory events of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. With editorial commentary from the industry’s leading writers, including BBC’s snowboard correspondent Ed Leigh and action sports journalist Matt Barr.

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