If you want to train hard, talk nutrition, become the next triple cork wielding super jock Olympian, then the Boobytrip is not for you. However, if you want to have a laugh, enjoy your shredding and learn from real dirtbag snowboarders then get yourself signed up!

We don’t just focus on helping you on the slope, we believe that the chairlift chat is just as important. Our coaches double as hype men to get you stoked for your next run. 

The boobytrips are not just for kids but adults too, and next year we’ll be having 2 trips for adults and 2 for kids (a family trip).

This years trips were boss, with the family trip being slightly looser than the adult ones! This might have been due to some of the parents being able to relax and let their hair down or what’s left of it. 

None of the kids knew each other too well, but by the end of the first day they were all muckin in giving each other dead legs and Chinese burns.

Every day, we get first lift and we shred till 4.30pm and if you’ve still got energy we’ve got a few jibs set up just behind the chalet. 

The chalet is the best with plenty of space for you to either do your own thing or get involved with the evening entertainment.

Evening entertainment includes checking the footage and photos from the day and sledging which is better than the snowboarding! You can make it as gnarly as you want. If 6 out of 10 trappers make it out alive then it’s been a good sledge. 

Every day is documented by photo ninj Craig Robinson (bluebird photography) who is there to capture all the moments. Mans can shred to, and his chairlift banter rivals that of coach Quinn.

Coach Quinn invented snowboarding back in the 80’s but traded the idea for a pair of brown pants that he still wears this very day.

Next years dates will be up soon on

If you have any questions feel free to message us on any of the social media platforms or email us at

You may not come back a better snowboarder, but you’ll come back a more smelly, enriched one that will love it more than before the trip.

Words by the traplord - John Weatherley

Images by Craig Robinson at Bluebird Photography

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