Behind The Sun

As time goes on, I have found myself taking more of an active interest in how better we can enjoy the outdoors. Rather than fantasising about one sport, one hobby, my head has been turned to other activities and ways people use this beautiful world we live in. This video is no exception, read the official caption below:

Last year 3x World champ Mick Fanning took the year away from full time competition to explore the world and experience new places. I was lucky enough to join him on a trip the the Arctic Circle to direct an episode of Red Bull's "Chasing the Shot" where he surfed through the night under the Northern Lights. Although the days were extremely cold and short with only a few hrs of light, we managed to find great waves and stood in awe of the scenic beauty in every direction. This is my directors cut from that trip and features some of my favorite daytime moments while focusing on the scenic side of our trip. Special thanks to Red Bull for making it happen.

View the original Chasing the Shot episode here:

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