If you're like me, you'll constantly be finding ways of achieving the perfect balance between snowboarding and life. Warp Waves latest film captures the work/board balance of 3 riders in todays environment. 

A Warp Wave film about the work/board balance.

Presented by: K2 Snowboarding

Johnny Brady
Kyle Miller
Kael Martin

Directed by: Johnny Brady & Sam Tuor

Principal Cinematography: Sam Tuor
Edited By: Sam Tuor
Color: Sam Tuor & Eli Weiner
OFF & ON Graphic: David Steigerwald

Additional Cinematography
Johnny Brady
Kyle Miller
Nick Kalisz
Tim Eddy
Hannah Eddy
Justin Hostynek
Kyle Schwartz
Sean Black
Nick Meilleur
Leland McNamara
Alex Pogue
Colton Feldman
Jon Stark
Ryan Finder
Nick Chmell
Danny Kern
Eli Weiner
Taylor Carlton

Ben Gavelda
Colton Jacobs
Colin Wiseman

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