Snowboarding on New Zealand's Largest Glacier

Tasman Glacier is New Zealand's largest glacier. Boasting specs of 29km long and 600 meters thick in spots, it is truly a thing of beauty... especially when you decide to go snowboarding on it's prominent ice fields.

For this one, the crew flew up by ski plane to the Tasman Glacier in Mount Cook National Park. They had heard rumors of an area called 'Canyon Lands,' basically a lego-like playground that is a series of ice chunks emerging out of the glacier itself. With jaws dropped low, see how the crew navigated their way around the ice and use it like a natural terrain park. The all-time adventure in an area that you need to see to believe!

Riders featured include Nick Brown, Nick Hyne, and JJ Rayward. Filming by Heath Patterson, photos by Vaughan Brookfield, and editing by Heath Patterson.

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